We provide great value on projects where we can take ownership of the process and leverage the combined expertise of our entire team. We take on the responsibility for project management and project success while working from our offices.

We will partner with you to determine the best development model for your specific business needs. All of our engagements are partnerships and collaborations. Our models are designed to reduce your risk, provide ample opportunity for feedback, and allow requirements to change in line with your evolving needs.


  • Choice of Frameworks
  • Comprehensive Design and Discovery
  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Highly Specialized and Skilled Resources
  • Proven Development Methodologies
  • Streamlined Communication Across the Globe

Want to have a virtual development team working remotely but managed directly by you? GTS can provide you just that. Our Virtual Team model helps add highly qualified, perfectly matched, dedicated contract staff to your existing software development team on a need basis.

When you have a big IT project, meeting the deadline can prove to be quite a bit of a challenge with your existing team. It doesn’t matter if you need one or two software developers, a call center technical support team or other technical specialists. With GTS you’ll get a software team that picks up the work overflow so your project meets your deadlines, budget and quality standards.

Dedicated Development Team is a perfect investment with a quick payback for any long-term IT project that needs skilled and motivated professionals who are ready to invest all their knowledge and efforts to the success of a project. “Dedicated” means not only reporting directly to you, but full dedication to your project plans, business model and business ethics.


  • Professional Team
  • Cost Savings
  • Close Collaboration
  • All-inclusive Services
  • 100% Dedication
  • High-tech Work Place
  • Zero Overhead
  • Complete Control


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Virtual Teams. The Right Strategy.

Trust us with your teams. We guarantee nothing but the best in class service.

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