In a constantly evolving threat landscape where attackers are utilizing increasingly complex techniques and tactics, the Enterprise under attack needs a company like GTS to augment its in-house Cyber Defense team and strengthen the controls in place to improve on its security posture and minimize Cyber Risk to the company‘s mission.

GTS provides Cyber Security services that are focused on protecting the Enterprise meet its cyber goals that can vary from helping current teams in Incident Detection and Prevention capabilities, Compliance & Vulnerability management or in some cases building a state of art Cyber Program.

The services we offer are:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Risk & Compliance Assessment


  • Years of Security Experience
  • Developer of Core Framework for a Major Appliance Manufacturer
  • Implementor of SOC for Largest Defence Agency
  • Top Secret Clearance Holder
  • Large Pool of Resources who Understand Security Inside Out



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Our Guiding Principles, Produce Results


Focus on the information, not on the technology


You are the organization’s first line of defense against cyber threats and will help to set the tone for your organization’s approach to information security. As such, think of information security in its broadest sense, not just in terms of information technology


Make resilience a mind-set


The objective should be the resilience of the company to risk of information loss or damage. Security threats change much faster
than laws and regulation. As a result, existing business policies and procedures may be obsolete or simply ineffective in practice.


Prepare to respond


Even the best protected enterprise will at some point experience an information security breach. We live in an environment where this is a question of when, not if. Therefore, how a business responds to a breach is where you will be evaluated.


Demonstrate a leadership commitment


Although often referred to as the weakest link when it comes to information security – educate your people into being the greatest asset to good security by creating information security awareness that leads to effective skills.


Act on your vision


Company’s vision for cyber security risk management must be enacted by formulating information security policies. Corporate information security policies provide a baseline for security activities across the company while also increasing security awareness throughout the business.

Some Words From Our Clients

Global Tech has an amazing team which clearly understands the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of IT solutions. Ranging from something as small as an online web presence to complex systems that handle millions of transactions an hour, this company knows what its doing. Always ahead of the curve. They take great pride in coming up with solutions and process enhancements that are unique in nature and provide the most simple and best option that the user may not even have thought about.
Anthony Jacobs, Leading Cellular Company
Not many pharmaceutical companies are actively utilizing advancements in the technology space to their advantage today. However, those who day, indeed benefit from the sheer experience and expertise that Global Tech Studio brings to the table. With decades of experience under their belt, there is hardly any area that has not been explored by GTS. It is amazing how one company can stay on top of it all and still produce remarkable results in this space. I will keep on coming back for more and urge others to do the same.
Janice Colbert, Leading Pharmaceutical Client

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